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Merengue DanceIn this Merengue lesson you will learn how to do 2 underarms turns and then a hair drape for the men. This is a move that looks advanced, but actually fairly easy to do!

Dance: Merengue
Move: Turn, Turn, Drape
Level: Beginner
Turn, Turn, Drape Move


Dance tip In this lesson we will teach the ladies how to do arm styling in the Rumba. We break it down into 3 simple to follow steps so that you can get the full motion. Enjoy!

Move: Ladies technique tip – Arm Styling
Level: All Levels

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dance videosThis another great move you can do from promenade position. It includes a sharp pivot and also lady’s left turn. The footwork is very important here so we really took the time to demonstrate it from all angles.

Dance: Tango
Level: Advanced Beginner
Move: Promenade Pivot
Promenade Pivot Lesson


Dance tipToday’s tip applies to both leaders and followers. We are using a Cha Cha combination as an example to teach you a very important lesson about your holding arm.

Move: Dance Technique Tip
Level: All Levels


Swing dancing moveHere is a really fun advanced beginner Swing move. Here the guys do a lunge on the left leg instead of the rock step and then shaping. The ladies do an inside turn to the left.

Dance: Swing
Move: Lunge & Turn
Level: Advanced Beginner
Lunge & Turn Swing lesson


Rumba stepsToday we are introducing a new series just for ladies out there. In this series we’ll be giving technique and styling tips applicable to followers. This first tip is about keeping your elbow at a 90 degree angle for all turns.

Dance: Rumba
Move: Ladies series tip #1 – Elbow tip
Level: All Levels
Elbow Tip for Turns

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Dance videos in SalsaHave you ever played bowling? If yes, this move will be very fun for you. It starts with the man’s wrap and ends with him spinning the lady, in a “bowling a ball” motion. You’ll see what I mean…

Dance: Salsa
Move: Wrap & Bowl
Level: Intermediate