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Swing dancing moveHere is a Swing move that is like a mini combo. In this intermediate move you will learn a lot of fun moves including walks, taps and kicks. Have fun!

Dance: Swing
Move: Walks, Taps & Kicks
Level: Intermediate
Watch this Swing lesson

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Waltz turning dance lessonsHere is the Waltz basic step turning to the left. The steps are exactly the same as for basic step, except we turn it on the second part of the box.

Dance: Waltz
Move: Box turning the left
Level: Beginner
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Waltz basic stepWe are happy to introduce a new dance to our existing repertoire – Waltz! Here is the Waltz basic step video lesson. It is a box step and in this lesson we break everything down to help you get it.

Dance: Waltz
Move: Basic step (The box step)
Level: Beginner
Waltz basic step


Cha Cha lock stepsWe already covered the forward lock steps technique. This time we break down the back locksteps in Cha Cha. Learn the foot positions, footwork and hip action used in your locksteps.

Dance: Cha Cha
Move: Back Lockstep technique
Level: All Levels
Back Locksteps Technique


Merengue DanceIn this Merengue lesson you will learn how to do 2 underarms turns and then a hair drape for the men. This is a move that looks advanced, but actually fairly easy to do!

Dance: Merengue
Move: Turn, Turn, Drape
Level: Beginner
Turn, Turn, Drape Move


Dance tip In this lesson we will teach the ladies how to do arm styling in the Rumba. We break it down into 3 simple to follow steps so that you can get the full motion. Enjoy!

Move: Ladies technique tip – Arm Styling
Level: All Levels

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dance videosThis another great move you can do from promenade position. It includes a sharp pivot and also lady’s left turn. The footwork is very important here so we really took the time to demonstrate it from all angles.

Dance: Tango
Level: Advanced Beginner
Move: Promenade Pivot
Promenade Pivot Lesson