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Dance turnsIn this last part of our “how to turn” series we will be talking about the “center”. I tried to make it very visual for the camera so everyone can see when my center is engaged and when it is not. The fact is without engaging it your turns will suffer from lack of control and balance.

Technique lesson: How to turn Part 3
Level: All levels

How to turn Part 3


How to Turn – Part 2

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Ballroom dance turnsIn part 1 of “how to turn series” we focused on the spotting element. In this part 2 we will be focusing on the footwork element to help you improve your turns. In the video we give you 3 turn examples and explain why footwork is so important.

Technique lesson: How to turn Part 2
Level: All levels

How to turn Part 2


How to Turn – Part 1

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How to turn in dancingIn this Part 1 of the “How to Turn” series I will be focusing on “spotting” as the first element to improve your turns in your dancing. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3.

Technique lesson: How to turn Part 1
Level: All levels

How to turn video


Cha Cha lock stepsWe already covered the forward lock steps technique. This time we break down the back locksteps in Cha Cha. Learn the foot positions, footwork and hip action used in your locksteps.

Dance: Cha Cha
Move: Back Lockstep technique
Level: All Levels
Back Locksteps Technique


Dance tip In this lesson we will teach the ladies how to do arm styling in the Rumba. We break it down into 3 simple to follow steps so that you can get the full motion. Enjoy!

Move: Ladies technique tip – Arm Styling
Level: All Levels

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Dance tipToday’s tip applies to both leaders and followers. We are using a Cha Cha combination as an example to teach you a very important lesson about your holding arm.

Move: Dance Technique Tip
Level: All Levels


Rumba stepsToday we are introducing a new series just for ladies out there. In this series we’ll be giving technique and styling tips applicable to followers. This first tip is about keeping your elbow at a 90 degree angle for all turns.

Dance: Rumba
Move: Ladies series tip #1 – Elbow tip
Level: All Levels
Elbow Tip for Turns

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