Cha Cha basic steps for beginners – Learn the Cha Cha basic step (1 of 3)

Cha Cha Basic steps for beginnersThis is the first Cha Cha basic step video! Learn the Basic In Place or as I like to call it “the baby step of Cha Cha”. This is the first of three fundamental basic Cha Cha steps. Please tune in for the next two videos where I will cover the “Progressive basic step” and the “side basic step”. All three of these Cha Cha basic steps will give you a great foundation for the more intermediate and advanced moves.
Dance: Cha Cha
Level: Beginner
Move: Basic In place

Cha Cha Basic In place Video (1 of 3):

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  1. Sid Mahajan says

    I love your videos. Easy to pick and something I can apply the very next day.

  2. Leon says

    Hey Sid,
    Thanks! I am glad you are finding the videos easy to pick up. I am working on many more videos and my biggest goal is to make sure each video is very easy to follow. That’s why it takes us sometimes 1-2 hours to make a 5 min video!

  3. melissa agulto says

    You have great cha cha dance lessons. Easy to absorb..How about posting rumba dance lessons?

  4. Pamela says

    I tried chacha for the first time last night. Thanks to your video, now I know what I was doing! Another good one, Leon. :)

  5. Pamela says

    The dance studio I attend had a dance party on Saturday night. We had a bachata lesson, followed by open dancing of many styles. It was a good chance to try out some new steps. :)

  6. says

    Your Videos ARE well done if I have’t said that before.
    I learned chacha as foward left replace right close chacha back right replace leftt close chacha.
    Also Ive seen a latin style! So good to learn a different style!

  7. Claudio C says

    Yes the videos are well done and relatively easy to follow . I am always forward for new videos so I can use them when I go dancing.

  8. dom says

    I think music is most important besides the steps. It will be helpful for more explanation vs. music beat.

  9. Romy Martinez says

    I am a new member. I am excited for I want to really learn how to dance. I am a beginner.

  10. Michael Girouard says

    This is different than what is called the “social cha cha”. I am not sure I understand why the difference.

  11. says

    This is the “American Style” Cha Cha – Which is very social. This is the most basic step. There are other basic steps in cha cha including the side basic and the progressive basic. Make sure to watch all of them.

  12. Zoran Bajric says

    Hi Leon,
    It should be pointed out that in American cha cha one always starts on 2 (rock-step) as the beat is very accented on 2,3
    otherwise one will be dancing OFF beat thruout the whole dance. One can start on 1 only in International cha cha because in International cha cha music has a monotonous, equal lengths beat so it doesn’t matter one one starts !

  13. says

    Hi Zoran,

    Actually it doesn’t matter on which beat you start. And I always start on count “1”. It doesn’t matter if it’s International or American style. The key is to know which step is on the right count.

  14. Caspian Schieber says

    This is great. I am trying to learn to dance, so that I can teach a couple of my classmates. We have these parties at the school that we call Fun Nights, and no one there knows how to dance.

  15. Julian says

    Hey Leon,

    Your videos are good! Now I have to try to talk my girlfriend into it! Her bithday is coming up so an annual membership would make a nice gift!

  16. alexander villagran says

    I really like the way you teach, very clear and showing the smooth dance steps that you do with your partner. Very refreshing Thank you.

  17. Ray Dwarte says

    Congratulations on the new HD re-do of the
    lesson, Leon.
    The advice for the three cha-cha movements shows up well – it has helped me get into a better shape for doing these standstill moves!

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