Salsa Basic Steps for beginners – Learn the basic Salsa step online

Salsa-basic-steps-imageIn the video I teach you the first of many Salsa basic steps. This is the most important step in the Salsa as it will serve as the foundation for all your other Salsa steps. This basic step consists of a forward half and a back half. Remember, it is very important to switch weight on every single step.
Dance: Salsa (Club Style)
Level: Absolute Beginner
Move: Salsa Basic Step (Fwd & Back)

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  1. Phil Hamilton says

    I’m a brand new dancer and very much like your videos that I’ve watched. I have a very basic question.

    Your video lesson shows you and Kim bringing both feet together (side by side) on counts 3 and 7. I’ve seen other instruction that shows placing the (man’s) right foot farther back than the left on count 3 and the left foot farther forward than the right on count 7. If there are times when you recommend doing this, I’ll appreciate a brief explanation.

  2. says

    Hi Phil and welcome aboard!

    You are correct to say that it is possible to do the basic step “without” closing the feet exactly….This video shows the basic in the most fundamental form. As you become better, you will want to pass your feet a little bit. So instead of closing you may go a little fwd or back on 3 & 7. Hope this helps.

  3. sophorn holl says

    Hi Kim and Leon
    thanks for your clear instructions, I can really follow you guys. I just need to keep on practicing

  4. Michael G Hill says

    Very good explanations. I’m impressed. Simple and easy to follow. I am showing my grand daughter how to dance using these videos. It’s fun and great bonding for us.

  5. M O DOS RAMOS says

    WOW!! I use your videos to practice at home and they are absolutely brilliant .
    Any chance of a Mambo lesson coming soon?
    Thank you for adding the Waltz ..greatly appreciated
    Dancing has changed my life!!!!!

  6. says

    Leon I enjoyed the tips today and look forward to signing up with you as soon as I get someone who jcan copy the lessons to a cd for me as you suggested.
    I think you are so clear and so precise and you make dancing look very easy. I don’t have a partner to practice with but I use a chair and still practice.


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