Finally, you can dance "on time" to any song!

Inside this video course you will learn:

Specifically for Ballroom & Latin dancers...

How to dance on the right beat.

How to find count "1" in 4 ways.

How to keep the beat once you found it.

Watch me find the beat in several dance songs 

right over my shoulder!

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Video #1 - The "intro" of songs

Did you know that 50% of the songs out there have some

kind of an "intro" part to them before the actual phrasing of the song begins. What do you do with it? And when should you start dancing? These are the things we cover in part 1 video.

Master "Timing & Musicality" with 

3 Step by step videos:

Video #2 - How to find the beat

In part 2 I walk you through 4 ways of how you can identify the beat by finding count 1. I share my screen and show you real examples of what I listen to with actual songs! After this video you will be able to count to any song of your choice.

Video #3 - How to keep the beat once you found it

It is no good to find the beat in music, only to get "off" time a moment later. So in this part 3 we cover the methods to stay dancing on the correct counts and how to avoid losing the beat.

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