Tango Basic Steps – Learn to Tango online

Tango dance stepsLearn to Tango with Passion4dancing! Learn the Tango basic steps in our first Tango online lesson. Tango originates from Argentina and has a very sharp, staccato movement across the floor. Learn the timing, steps for men and women, the lead and get extra tips in this video.

Dance: Tango
Level: Beginner
Move: Basic Step

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Curved Basic Steps
More Tango dance steps


  1. elham says

    hey dear leon
    I always enjoy your video clips.They’re simple and lovely.It’s the basic step for tango,should we add the other movements ourselves?or you send us the next steps too.

  2. says

    Hi Elham,

    Glad you enjoyed the lesson. I will be adding more Tango steps in the coming weeks and months. All the members will get access to them!

  3. Evidence Mazibuko says

    Thank you so much, this video is of great help! Cant wait to see another one

  4. alexander villagran says

    Very good! I really like your valuable tips, please continue to give them on all your dance videos. Thank you

  5. ann says

    I was very excited following the instructions. it was interesting to learn that the knees come together while keeping the feet apart

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